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AO «PO Diapazon» is a full service manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of hand tools, gauges for inspection of different types of thread joints for the customers in such industries as aerospace, automotive, petroleum, and military.

If you’re looking for plug gauges, ring gauges, plain plug gauges, taper thread gauges, or any other standard or non-standard forms of thread gauges, vernier caliper, micrometers, inside micrometers, railway gages, drills, taps and dies set, milling cutters, molds etc, produced according to your drawings, please contact us to find the product specifics to your requirements.

For the petroleum engineering, we can supply any type of gauges certified according to the API standards (American Petroleum Institute).

Our company was built upon the aspiration to build and provide unrivaled first-class products to our customers without any extra charges.

With experienced workers and leading experts in the industry, we provide a complete line of custom lines of instruments and equipment which needed for your enterprise. We also provide warranty service.

We serving not only Russian manufacturers, but also we have a lot of customers in CIS states.

We have flexible discount system for the regular customers and wholesalers.

We are confident and ensuring all of our products you receive from us will meet your request and AO «PO Diapazon» will became your reliable business partner!

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